Body & Energy Work Professionals

Different forms of body and energy work are used to ease physical and mental pain.  Practices like acupuncture and massage focus on stimulating the body itself to promote ease, while energy work like Reiki is geared towards balancing the vibrational energies within.  These practices are known to alleviate stress, ailments, and disease.

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Summary: Melissa Stonehill Caiyem has a multi-faceted background in the Healing Arts, including Health and Fitness, Sports and Holistic Nutrition, and Corporate and Small Business  [...]
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80923
Phone: 3107746191
Summary: I am a Shamanic practitioner, Akashic Records channel and healer, and a Biomagnetism practitioner. All of my work serves to restore energetic balance and [...]
2914 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Suite 105, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918
Phone: 4802920991