Nutritional Professionals

Nutrition is the study of food’s nutrients and how they’re used by the body, emphasizing the relationship between diet, health, and disease.  Nutritionists often study molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics to determine how nutrients affect the human body.  Nutrition also focuses on using dietary choices to reduce the risks of disease and allergies.

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Summary: Melissa Stonehill Caiyem has a multi-faceted background in the Healing Arts, including Health and Fitness, Sports and Holistic Nutrition, and Corporate and Small Business  [...]
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Summary: We address the 3T’s of disease to get to the root of symptoms and restore health. The future of healthcare is collaboration and community. [...]
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Summary: I have worked with and studied the human body and how it heals for over 16 years. As a nutritionist, medical massage therapist, and [...]
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