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Introduction to Business:

My mission is to bring more joy, love, and beauty into the world. I do that by working 1-1 with women as a Spiritual Coach (Embrace Her) and working with singles and couples as a Dating and Relationship Coach (Wingwoman 2.0).

Embrace Her: I help busy women reconnect with their heart so they can explore what brings joy and fulfillment and remember the forgotten aspects of themselves. My clients have realized that their own emotional wellbeing and enjoyment is just as important as the roles they fulfill in their family. They have elevated their needs to a higher priority and have learned what refuels their energy so they can be an even better mom, partner, and friend. One client said, "I used to put off my own hobbies and interests because I couldn't see how it was contributing to the family. Through working with you, I learned that I'm worthy of doing things just because they make me happy, and that allowing myself time to do those things helps makes everything else better." Visit to learn more and schedule a complimentary discovery session.

Wingwoman 2.0: I work with Singles (women and men) who need support navigating the dating process - from start to finish or anywhere in between. I also work with couples or singles who want to create stronger, healthier, and more fulfilling relationships/friendships in their life. Visit to learn more and schedule a complimentary discovery session.

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